LSPR Cares is an organization that is engaged in the field of social and humanitarian activities. Activity is often done is to hold at least 1 month meeting with the members to discuss the activities to be carried out (proker), and we also often help activities – campus activities related to social and humanitarian activities.  LSPR Cares formed in 2012, and the anniversary of LSPR Cares commemorated on September 12.

Making LPRS Cares as a means for students to channel concern for others and the needy.
Building a sense of kinship between the officer, the helper and the members of LSPR Cares.
Making LSPR Cares as an organization that is not only known by the LSPR campus, but also can be known by the outside.
Creating personalized not only care for others but also critical thinking in creating events that are associated with social activities.

Running around the working plan LSPR Cares planned and create a social activity by encouraging the participation of male and female students.
Many organized activities that build unity among officers, helpers and also the member.
Establish cooperation with organizations – organizations that exist outside campus.
Establish a committee that is ready to take to all the existing work program.

                                                                                        OUR EVENTS
- Blood Donation. Blood donation activity cooperate with PMI conducted on campus LSPR, this event is a regular event held every year.
- Walk For AIDS. Commemorating World AIDS Day coincides with December 1, we’ve held on December 7, 2014 by holding a march with the students STIKOM LSPR of campus B LSPR – HI Roundabout – Campus B LSPR, before the show started we open the event with the release of 100 balloons on campus B LSPR.
- Valentine’s Day in commemoration of the day of love LSPR Cares held activities to share the happiness with the children – children who are in the wings Ibu Foundation.
- Unity in Diversity this activity is gathering activities together with the members of the LSPR Cares and this is also an activity which is annually held.

Tiffany Susviandita Mahendra
PR17 – 3C
Kelvin Susanto Husnan
IR17 – 3C
Vice President
Clara Tirta Wijaya
IR18 – 2C
Cheryl Moehede
IR17 – 3C
Giovanni Nathania
PR17 – 3C
Public Relations
IR18 – 2C
Project Manager