LSPR Band was established in October 16 2009. LSPR Band has several activities such as,  SOT (Sound Of Thursday) which is a daily activity that held in Campus B Cafetaria LSPR Jakarta twice a month every Thursday from 12.00 pm until 01.00 pm. LSPR Band used to make an audition for the new member of the club, participate for many event which is LSPR Graduation 2015, Greenius PR Project, LSPR Teatro: Jersey Boys, and currently working together with LSPR Choir.

A medium for LSPR student to distribute and develop their talent in music and learn how to work across the organization.

Giving the basic knowledge about music and organization for all the members of LSPR Band Club.
To create creative idea through music.
To create a real action of implementing music through to an event or documentations.

Melvin Lim
PR 17 – 3C
Gabriel Stefanus
MKT 17 – 3C
Vice President
Lidwina Yossi Dharmadi
PR 17 – 3C
Pramadika Albrezki
MC 18 – 1B
Public Relations
Lorenzo Valentino
PAC 18 – 1B