KMB Pramuditā is a spiritual organization focuses on Buddhism based in STIKOM The London School of Public Relations Jakarta. KMB Pramuditā was founded on 5 October 2007 by Irvien Ryani from batch 9. KMB is the abbreviation of Keluarga Mahasiswa Buddhis (Buddhist Student Family). The name of Pramuditā has its own story that begins with a condition where we all have succeed to pass through hard and tough times together. Pramuditā was entitled by Yang Mulia Bhiksu Bhadra Pala Stavira which means happiness and joy to overcoming the difficulties and suffering. It is the path to entering Buddhahood which is the first of ten stages in reaching the development of Boddhisatva. KMB Pramuditā is a non-sect organization so we are open and respect to all lines of Buddha teachings and other religions. We are actively worked as a forum to share Buddha’s teaching for students who wants to understand and deepen their faith.

To Strengthen family bond and growing awareness of Buddhist values in any action.

Strengthening the kinship values among members with doing activity together.
Sharing Buddhist values to members and society.
Growing awareness and responsibility among members.
Increasing participation from internal or external KMB Pramuditā


KMB Pramuditā has 2 kinds of activities which are Spiritual and Non-Spiritual activities.

Spiritual activities related to our routine such as:
- Weekly worship (in Mahayana, Theravada or other sects of Buddhism).
- Kathina Puja (It’s a time of giving for the laity to express their gratitude to monks such as robes or donations for temple. It occurs at the end of the Vassa, or monsoon, period, in October and November.
- Vesak Day (It’s a Holy day for Buddhist and is celebrated on the full moon in May which to commemorate three notable incident of Sidharta Gautama called Trisuci Waisak).
- Magha Puja(It’s a Holy day for Buddhist and is celebrated on the full moon in March which to commemorate four notable incident called Caturangga-sannipata).
- Dhamma Class (It is a sharing session which could increase and get in-depth understanding of Buddhist teaching core by inviting Sangha or experienced senior).
- Anjangsana ( An activity when we are attending a temple to have a service together and socialize with Sangha and the temple management you are visiting.
- Chanting rehearsal (We do have a practice for students who curious about the right techniques of chanting and read Paritta).
- Meditation session (a practice when we are focus and develop concentration, clarity, clam, and peace)

Non-spiritual activities are mainly things that we do are related to the social scope which are helping each other in fun ways, for instance :
Visiting an orphanage.
Going to eldery house.
Donating the poor and needy men and other social services.

Edwin Triki Garcia
IR 17-4C
Jesika Shendy
MC 17-2B
Vice President
Catherina Geovanni
PR 17-3C
Livinia Ferinsia
PR 17-1C
Jenniver Gracia
PR 18-1C
Public Relations
Henri Putra Jaya
MKT 18-2C