LSPR Dance formed in 2010. LSPR Dance is one of those clubs, which is a place for students of LSPR Jakarta share their creativity in the art if dance. It is a place where the students can overcome obstacles and problems on their life through dance, music, and rhythm learning many types of dance, this club is divided in two genres which are modern and traditional dance. In modern dance, we learn Hip Hop, Ladies Style, B-Boy, Contemporary, etc. while traditional dance learns folks dance from all of the provinces in Indonesia.

Dance On! Concert 2014
2nd Runner Up at 51st LEFKAS International Folklore Festival 2013
Earthdancers International Culture Festival 2013
KBRI In Greece, 2013
50th Anniversary of Persatuan Hubungan Masyarakat as a performer
Panasonic Supplier Gathering Performers
Rotary Club Performer
PR Corner
Coronation Night Mr. & Mrs. LSPR performer
Flash Mob Heartmob by LSPR 4c
SAGA 2015 performer

Marissa Ferrari Reminiscere Tampubolon
ADV 17-1B
Syafira Anindhyta Putri
MKT 18-2C
Vice President
Bradley Valdemar
Pac 17-1B
Public Relations
Sylvia Desianty
PR 18-3C
Regina Margaretha Jonathan
MKT 18-2C
Nehemia Audrian
PAC 18-1B