As part of the Student League in LSPR- Jakarta, Heroes of Environment has initiated some campaigns on the environmental issue since December 2007 in cooperation with the British Council in Indonesia. On February 16, 2008, British Council convert the name with Climate Change Champions Club (4C). LSPR 4C is a student activity unit concentrates on the preservation of environment. It has a continuous project named 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

  1. Reduce. In 2012 LSPR 4C has cooperated with 57 outlets of Seven Eleven to held diet plastic bag campaign. During the 3-hour all these outlets do not use plastic bags altogether. The goal is to reduce the use of plastic which is not good for the environment
  2. Reuse. LSPR 4C runs reuse program with “Alternating Thesis Flip” that aims to use paper effectively with both sides. The program is disseminated to students who are willing to support this movement.
  3. Recycle. Waste Management at all three campuses of LSPR Jakarta handle by LSPR 4C. On every campus there are Paper Bank, with the aim to encourage students not to throw away the paper that are not used, but gather it in the Paper Bank which will be recycle.

In addition LSPR 4C also has an annual event in March every year. Environment Month, a series of activities undertaken for the preservation of the environment. The activity are socialization, campaign, to real action, with different theme each year according to the issues that are in.


  • To raise awareness for LSPR students on climate issues and encourage engagement in effort to find and create solutions to care for the environment
  •  To empower LSPR students to become agent of change who will become role models and inspire others to do some action
  • To educate and encourage people to actively participate on various programs for climate change solutions.
  • To be able to contribute to the climate change solutions with our tagline: “Think Green, Act Green, Start from Our Hands”


The following activities have been implemented LSPR 4C

  • Oxygen, is the 7th Environment Month theme. There were Gardening Class in Casa Goya Residence; Tumbler Day, we distribute tumbler to LSPR students to reduce the use of plastic bottle; OxyMob, a flash mob to raise public awareness in the Car Free Day; Oxygen Plant,  planted baby coral and mangroves on Panggang island; Oxybike, is a fun colour bike  and mini concert, which aims to increasing awareness of public to reduce air pollution in Jakarta.  
  • The sixth Environment Month held on March 2014 with the theme Earth Heart. There were Gardening Class in Casa Goya Residence;  Heart Mob, a flash mob to raise public awareness in the Car Free Day; Heart Ocean,  Planting baby coral on Pramuka island; Heart Bike, cycling around the town with communities to reduce air pollution; and the highlight were Eartheartmony, a concert in celebrating Earth Hour 2014.
  • 3R3H “No Plastic”. 3R3H is the action plan resulted from the international conference held by LSPR 4C on September 6 – September 10, 2011 called APYA (Asia Pacific Youth Assembly) held at 57 Outlets of Seven Eleven. This event’s objective is  to reduce the use of plastic by not giving the plastic to the consumers for three hours on March 3, 2012. In order to support this action, this event will be announce since February 2012. We are trying to change people’s lifestyle from this event.
  •  LSPR 4C Tree Planting at Purwakarta “TREEPHORIA”. Tree Planting is one of the activities has been done in second week of LSPR Environment Month and Earth Hour 2012 on 9-10 March 2012. The aim of this event is to reduce the air pollution and to provide the area of absorption. We had  planted 2000 plants in Purwakarta, Bandung together with 150 youngsters; including the students of STIKOM London School of Public Relation, Jakarta.
  • Seminar “Be a Smart Consumer”.  A collaboration between LSPR 4C with CSR of Media indonesia. This seminar was attended by 140 participants. This seminar divided into 2 sessions. The first session was a  talkshow by Rosmery Sihombing (As kadiv Pemberitaan Media Indonesia) as the moderator from 09.00-12.00 with 4 keynote speakers; Verena Puspawardhani (Campaign Coordinator for Climate and Energy Program WWF Indonesia), Melany Tedja (EECCHI representatives), Alfa Febrianto (Bike 2 Work Indonesia) and Nova H,Paloh (CSR Media Indonesia). During the workshop, there was a journalistic article competition, with a theme on “Energy”.
  • LSPR 4C promoting Earth Hour event with “Ngamen Hjau”. We support Earth Hour campaign by invite people to sign up in the website of WWF as the symbol for them to support and participate Earth Hour 2012 on March 17, 2012. In addition, we are going to give candle each person for those  who have signed up. The candle is the form of invitation for them to attend Earth Hour event in STIKOM London School of Public Relation, Jakarta held on April 21, 2012. Besides, we are going to hold “Ngamen Hijau” to entertain them. The promotion will held in Tebet, Menteng , and Kemang.
  • LSPR 4C “TREEPHORIA”. TREEPHORIA is an event to distribute 3000 trees in Car Free Day on March 25, 2012. CFD is one of the government’s program made to reduce the pollution by reducing the use of vehicles. LSPR 4C supports Treephoria by arranging Long March from STIKOM LSPR Jakarta, Sudirman Park to Bundaran Hotel Indonesia and come back to front Sudirman Statue. The participants are the students of STIKOM LSPR Jakarta; community and the activists from Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • “Bazzar No Styrofoam” is going to hold bazaar six days before the peak of LSPR Environmental Month and Earth Hour 2012 on March 26-29, 2012 and held in STIKOM LSPR Jakarta. The aim of this bazaar is to create awareness of students STIKOM LSPR  Jakarta and the communities around campus about Melody For Earth Concert and Earth Hour 2012. Besides, we give the opportunity to the sponsors to open booth there.
  •  “Melody For Earth” Celebration of Earth Day International & Earth Hour 2012. Melody for Earth is the peak of our event. The event has 2 sessions. First session is seminar and will disscuss about Eco-Green by Yangki imade Suara and Waste Management by KPK (Komunitas Pecinta Kertas) in Prof.Dr.Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall STIKOM LSPR Jakarta. The second sessions will be held in the night. There will be some musicians who will perform for our earth in Parking Area Campus B. All musicians will perform acoustic arrangement. While listening to them, the audience will give their appreciation by placing the garbage they produced in the appropriate bins, so that it can be recycled. This event has many performers by Nukie, Folks, LSPR Choir, L-star, Indobeatbox, Saman Dance, Bojafoo, SOUTHGANK, Sabilsa feat Nicky Matuputty, Sign a Simple Story, Soul Bridge, and Boyz II Boys.

Vegys Gultom
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PR 17-3C
Project Coordinator
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PR 17-7C
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PR 18 3C
Operational Coordinator
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