LSPR News Club has been active since 20 August 2005, it is a medium for students of LSPR who are interested with journalistic and forms of writing and photography. The result of the news coverage by LSPR students are served in the form of online and print. The online form of the news cover by club members will be published on LSPR News Online website,, which is always renewed every Monday and Thursday. Besides online media, LSPR News has print media called LSPRISME and LSPR Gazette. LSPRISME is published every three months, and LSPR Gazette is published annually – which is filled with a recap of all campus activities during that one year. LSPR News Club also received an award from Dewan Pimpinan Serikat Perusahaan Pers (SPS) Pusat on 2013 as the Bronze Winner in the category of The Best of University InHouse Magazine (InMA) and received a Gold Winner in the same category in 2014.

Make LSPR News as the campus medium and media that gives good internal and external information.

Make LSPR News as the medium for students to become interested in the journalistic industry.
Active in publishing campus activities.
Consistent in renewing print and online media of LSPR News.

Writing Workshop
Photography Workshop
Design Workshop
Dogtag Annual Event
Media Visit to Gadis (2 April 2015)

Clarissa Aradhia
MC 17-1B
Sabrina Nuraini Putri
MC 17-4B
Vice President
RR Virana Hendrastuti
PR 17-8C
Yolanda Nuraini
MKT 17-3C
Nabila Khairunisa
DMCA 17-1B
Coverage Coordinator I, PR Officer, Designer
Aldo Giovani
MC 18-4B
Coverage Coordinator II