Television is one the influencing electronic media nowadays. The Audio and also visual are the advantage of this media.Therefore, besides having print media, radio, photography, STIKOM LSPR-Jakarta also have a medium for students to learn on how to work in a TV station.LSPR TV is one of the electronic media under STIKOM LSPR-Jakarta. LSPR TV is a Campus TV for the students to explore their creativity thinking and learn to work in tv organization. The members of LSPR TV are the students of STIKOM LSPR-Jakarta, LSPR TV produces programs from the students idea, creativity, and also airing the foreign programs.The activities of STIKOM LSPR-Jakarta are varieties, innovative. So the students will have so many facilities to explore their mind and prepare them to be ready to work after they graduate.

To be the best Campus TV Station in producing broadcast quality programs for national and international viewers.

To be the place where the members could explore their ideas and dynamics in campus TV organization for the growth of STIKOM LSPR-Jakarta and also as a source of information and inspiration for the society.

- To produce educational, informative, and entertaining broadcast quality programs.
- To be the medium for students to create and explore their ideas by producing quality programs.
- To introduce STIKOM LSPR-Jakarta to national and international viewers.
- To broadcast in-house programs and foreign programs in our daily programming.
- To be the place where the students can learn hands on learning experience to work in television organization.
- To introduce them on the system of how TV Station works.

Gladys Adityafitriani
MC 17 – 2B
Soraya Mardhotilah
MC 17 – 1B
Jonathan Hadi Candra
MC17 – 2B
Post Production Trainee
Amelia Wisda Sannie
MC 18 – Excellent
Production Trainee
Varadila Permata Putri Prastowo
MC 18 – 2B
Dinianti Maharani
MC 18 – 2B
Public Relations
Annisa Nur Alifha
MC 17 – 4B
Production Coordinator
Jeanny Khatwani
MC – 18 Excellent
Post Production Coordinator