London School Centre for Autism Awareness in collaboration with the London School of Public Relations and Transpark Juanda held The 11st Autism Awareness Festival 2019 with the theme “Aku Anak Indonesia”. This festival features autistic children who are good at music and perform songs as bands, trios, duets and singles. This activity was held on Saturday April 27 2019 from 11am to 1pm in the Main Lobby of Transpark Mall Juanda, Bekasi. It was attended by 4 bands of 20 students who featured 28 songs making the atmosphere exciting, all the audience sang together during their performances.

I’m Star Band

The first performance was by Nice Band in a matching green costume consisting of Nuel, Andri, Jojo, Farhan, and Wisnu. They performed Sempurna, Janji Suci, an Dekat Dihati. The second appearance was by D’Empire Band consisting of Zepha, Ponco, Junes, Nanda, and Nathan in red costumes who performed I won’t Give Up, Hampa, Catatan Kecil, Akad, and Menghujam Jantungku. Following was the appearance of a piano solo by Andri who performed the song Surat Cinta Untuk Starla and Soulmate.

Duet Performance by Fauzan and Rizky

Furthermore, MKS Band, wearing a grey uniform were Rizky, Fauzan, Ega, Dimas, Ara, and Azhar, who performed Semakin, Walau Habis Terang, Everything, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Thinking Out Loud, Anugerah Terindah, and Menghapus Jejakmu. The fourth to appear were I’m Star Band, who wore blue top clothes and white pants similar to all the band members, namely Zhafran, Abby, Cyntia, and Arya. The song included Love if My Life, Sinaran, Monochrome, Cintaku, Sakura, and Africa.

A piano soloist by Adri

A duet performance by Zhepa as vocalist and Junes as a pianist followed singing the song All of Me popularized by John Legend then became a trio appearance by adding Nathan as keyboardist to sing the song Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya. An appearance of the duo Fauzan as violist and Nanda as pianist, then Fauzan as a violist and Rizky as a drummer brought harmonious melody through song between these different musical instruments.

MKS Band

Event ended with the collaboration of D’empire Band and I’m Star Band, which presented the song Dealova popularized by Once. (Cik)