LSPR Teatro 17th Production presents “The Phantom of The Opera” was successfully organized with excitement. The event was held from 2 – 5 November 2017 in Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, Campus B, The London School of Public Relations in Jakarta the show started at 7 pm. Before the show started, the enthusiasm of the audience has been very visible.This is evidenced by the crowd of spectators who are lining up to enter the room of the auditorium.

Opening scene The Phantom of The Opera

Raoul saw Christine performance

The show was starred by Daniel Alexandro Mirabeth Sonia, and Gerardo Tanor as main character of The Phantom, Christine Daae, and Raoul presented extraordinary performances. The combination of acting ability, background, music, and dance from each cast successfully entertained and made every audience captivated both the quality as well as through the talent of every cast member who participated.

Christine get hypnotized by Phantom

Christine and Phantom riding boat to Phantom’s Lair

The Phantom of The Opera tells the story of a genius composer who hides his face behind the mask and hide himself in the basement of the popular Opera House known as The Phantom of The Opera. Who is so in love with the gifted soprano named Christine Daae.

This theater showed a spectacular dance, voice and costume

When Christine understudy Carlotta and she got praise from Madam Giry

At one time there was a man who liked Christine, Raoul he liked Christine and Christine also liked him. However, in a story of romance, there is a third person, the Phantom. He uses the tuxedo and mask. He had a mystical force Phantom and Christine got possessed with the phantom because it exposed his evil magic. After learning the magic of the phantom got Christine, Raoul tried his very best to save Christine but true love always wins, in the end the Phantom gave up Christine and freed Raoul and asked him to take away Christine in the end as the Phantom hides again in the deepest darkness of his life…. (Riqo/Lindy/Christine/Elizabeth/Farah/Chrizia/Natashya)

Raoul met Christine for the first time