On Wednesday, January 31st 2018, Class 21-21A presented “Blazing Guns at Roaring Gulch” at Prof. DR. Djajusman Auditorium & Performance Hall. Under the guidance of Ms. Patricia Vicky Sihombing M.Si and her assistant Ms. Greta Mulyosantoso S.I.Kom.

Barney Black, the receptionist tried to entertain everyone in the hotel

The play took place in the lobby of the Roaring Gulch Hotel where the hero, Harry Heartstone (Muhammad Dimyati Haq), was found in hot pursuit of the villain, Snipe Vermin (Rizaldi Nugraha Panca Putra). The story takes an unusual turn because the villain and hero are twin brothers. It is inevitable that the two should meet in a face-to-face gunfight that takes place in a most interesting manner in the closing minutes of the show.

Willie Lovelace, the young lady detective in the middle of sadness of her missing lover

The play offers many other attractive character roles including Willie Lovelace (Agnes Gaia Titaley), the lady sheriff of Roaring Gulch; the Widow Black (Nadya Raufia Safitri), evil proprietress of the Roaring Gulch Hotel; Martha Muldoon (Khairunnisa Faisal Tajuddin), a stranded actress; Bill Filbert (Zaid Najmuddin), the nutty sidekick of Snipe Vermin; Barney Black (Muhammad Ibnu Rizkiovan), the Widow Black’s step son; and others. (Tiara/Elizabeth)