LSPR Teatro proudly present the 20th theater festival which runs from 22 January to 9 February 2018. LSPR Teatro always shows interesting stories every year, this time theatrical performances are presented by batch 21. The first performance from batch 21 was entitled Bedtime Stories which was held on the 22nd, January 2018. The show begun from 6.20-7.30 PM at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium & Performance Hall campus B The London Of Public Relations Jakarta.

The Prince finally felt that Mindy was the best maid and the Prince asked Mindy to be his wife

Bedtime stories told of father who should be telling a fairy tale for her children Katie and Ashley. His father was a very exhausted, asking them to immediately go to sleep. However, Katie and Ashley continue to force her father to tell some tales, until finally the father succumbs to his two whining and promised only tells three stories. Then his father, began to tell the story of silly and hardly makes sense.

This is when “The Litttle Riding Hood Story” goes wrong and the Little Red Riding Hood took a selfie with the wolf

The first story was “The Princess and The Pea”. One day the Queen want to quit from her throne and asked the prince to marry. But the prince was only willing to marry the woman of his choice, until eventually the prince finds his heart devotion that turned out to be a helper and the lies of the Queen.¬†In the middle of the story line Little Red Ridding Hood is very different from the original story and packed with humor and modern success story, making the audience laugh because The little¬†red already use Smartphone. “Rumpelstiltskin” also becomes very interesting. Because of the alteration of the plot of the Prince who became poor because it asks the women juggle all the gold into the leaves. Finally, the Prince became a courier of pizza hut.

The woman decided to gave her child goes to Rumpelstiltskin

This theater performance successfully entertained the audience with fairy tales combined with a fresh and very modern story. No wonder when the movie ended the audience gave a very lively applause for the show Bedtime stories. (Ecy/Citra M)