The 20th LSPR Theatre Festival Class 21 – 10A succesfully presented “If I Say”. The event was held on 23 January 2018 in Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, Campus B, The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta. The students did a very good job in serving the audience with a high quality performance.


Zac Efferson and Mia Delevigne singing romantic song together

The story was performed by Sarah Suhada as Mia Delevigne and Thariq Ziyad as Zac Efferson. The balanced between the story, the music, and dancing was well performed by the students of 21 – 10 A. The heart warming story of Mia and Zac brought the audience to tears and curiosity about how the story will end for both of the characters, Mia and Zac.

Zac Efferson asked the doctor to return Mia comes alive

“If I say” tells a tragic story of Mia Delevigne and his boyfriend, Zac Efferson. Mia is in coma due to accident she had recently. The plot tells about the memories Zac has while Mia was still with him, the first time of them meeting each other, the time they sang together, or the time he saw her practicing for the school concert until the time Mia passed away in the hospital. (Wifina/Vinnie)

Mia Delevigne singing the sad songs because she had to leave this earth forever.