Theatre Festival continues with a performance from 21 – 11 A class called “MAMALA”. The theatre took place at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall on 27 January 2018. This theater was the final test of the Performing Arts Communication with lecturer Mr. Khiva Rayanka, SSI and Assistant lecturer Hafizan Fadli. M. Ikom.

First meeting between Noor Jahan and Doctor Basheer

MAMALA is a Bollywood-style theater, who is in a hospital on a deserted island. All genres of comedy, drama and romance are combined into one. This story begins with a dance of India and continued with the arrival of a specialist Doctor named Basheer, who came from Germany to rescue a man – the little man who is exposed to the disease in his head.

Noor Jahan’s father pleased Doctor Basheer to married his daughter

This story was at its peak when a doctor met the handsome Basheer Noor Jahan, a girl who was the son of a wealthy entrepreneur. The girl quickly fell to the heart of  Doctor Basheer, he asks his father to marry her to doctor Basheer. Later, his father promised to give Doctors Basheer some money. However, the doctor has a secret that Basheer because he has a wife and daughter.

When Doctor Basheer’s daughter in the hosiptal, Noor Jahan visit them

However, on the wedding day, the wife of a doctor Basheer and his son met with Doctor Basheer. He only attempted to chase the Cubs who got hit by a car. Later, his father ever regret for having left his family. (Anita/Elshi)