On January 25th 2018, it is class 21 – 9A turn to present the result of their hard works for one semester. Their sold-out mystery/thriller theatre called “Murder’s in The Heir” by Billy St. John had successfully stolen the attention of audience in LSPR Campus B Auditorium.

The detective and lawyer was speaking about the accident

Murder’s in The Heir told a story about a tyrannical billionaire Simona Starkweather who gathered her family and employees to announce the contents of her will. Her lawyer, Lois can Zandt, reveals that she has bequeathed vast fortunes to her befuddled niece Fiona Starkweather, her playboy son Jordan Starkweather, his great-niece Paula Trompson (a Southern Belle) and her granddaughter Simona III, as well as to her many servants.

The killer wants to kill her

However, everyone surprised to hear the next statement from Lois van Zandt that within hours all this would become invalid. Of course, the rejected heirs are displeased, so it was no surprise if they were seen roaming around the old mansion carrying such items as an ax, a gun and pills. Then all of a sudden, the lights went out, and Simona Starkweather was discovered strangled to death. Not long after, the granddaughter Simona III arrived at the house and was surprised by the sight of her grandmother’s dead body.


Paula Thompson got weapons

Simona III was determined to find her grandmother’s killer, with the help of detective Kathy Collins. She tried to find the killer by looking for clues and interrogating everyone in the house one by one. It became hard to find out who the killer was when almost everyone had the weapon, opportunity and motive to commit the crime. The audiences were left anxious and curious seconds before the final reveal. Finally, in the unexpected twist-ending, the killer revealed herself no other than Simona III then she began shooting everyone in that old mansion. (Dea/Leticia)