On January 30th, 2018 a theater was well performed by class 21-23A with title “Paper Trail”. This performance was held to finished their last assignment in Performing Arts Communication subject. The story was written by Sean Lang and was first produced at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge in 2012.

A nun trying to help Angie

This story tells how Angie, a middle-aged Australian lady, visits a north London hospital archive where she meet Mel, the young archivist and no great lover of genealogist.

Flashback when Angie was born and still get the affection of her biological mother

As they try to tack down Angie’s mother and discover what happened to her, Mel and Angie get to know each other and Mel uncovers a terrible secret in Angie’s story-and is faced with dilemma of what, if anything, to tell Angie.

Angie was very sad because she already knows her terrible secret

This theater was well performed by Abiagael Bernande Manuhutu as Mel, Dewi Sartika as Angie, Oshin M. Bintang as Joan and Ridha Fadhilatunnisa as Sister Marry. And of course under the guidance of Mr. Harris Priadie Bah and his assistant lecturer Ms. Karina Indah Septiani S.I.Kom.(Citra/Fakhira)