On Friday 2nd February 2018, LSPR students from class 21-7A got an opportunity to held a theatre show named “RAMAYANA” at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall. This theatre show was under the guidance from Mr. Mr. Mikha Yulius Cobis, M.Si, MM as lecturer and Ms. Marsha Rahmadani. S.IKom as assistant lecturer.

Sinta sang a song

Once upon a time, in the middle of the forest live the princes who got exited from the kingdom named Rama and Laksmana. When they were hunting and met rakshasi named Surpanaka. She seduced the two of them but instead Rama and Laksmana mocked the hideous rakshasi until he became angry and attacked them. Laksmana panicked and his reflexes made him cut Surpanaka’s nose and ran away. Surpanaka told her brother, Rahwana: the king of demons of Lanka kingdom and thought of a plan to take revenge. On the other hand, Rama and Laksmana covered the incident from Rama’s wife, Sinta.

Rama and Laksamana met Sugriwa

The next day alone at home, Rahwana came kidnapped Sinta with the help of his army of rakshasa and took her to Lanka kingdom and wished to make her as his wife. Rama and Laksmana failed to save her as they were hit by two rakshasa and fainted. The monkeys from Wanara kingdom witnessed the kidnap and later took Rama and Laksmana to meet their king, Sugriwa. Sugriwa agress to help brithers take Sinta back and calls his cousin, Hanoman to travel to Lanka kingdom with Sugriwa’s two escorts but Sinta told Hanoman that the only way to be able to save her was only to defeat Rahwana because she’s been spelled to not be able to leave Lanka. Hanoman and the two escorts attempt to leave, came two rakshasa guards who attacked them until out and agress to declare war against Rahwana.

Rama was confused how to save Sinta

They arrive in Lanka and fought until Rama stabs Rahwana but Rahwana has been gifted immortality by the gods and he cannot be killed. So Rahwana’s rage grew and he turns into his true form, becoming a giant with ten faces. Close to giving up, Sugriwa gives Rama a magical arrow given by Wanara’s ancestors which can kill Rahwana. So Rama aimed the bow and magical arrow right at Rahwana and defeats him. Finally Rama and Sinta meets again and they all went back to Ayodhya; their home in celebration for succeeding in conquering Rahwana. (Jasmine/Ina)