On Friday 26th January 2018, LSPR students from class 21-20A got an opportunity to held a theatre performance named “SHADOWS” at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall. This show was held to finished their last assignment in Introduction to Performing Art Communication subject.

Chloe was haunted by the shadow

“SHADOWS” told a story about a popular girl named Poppy (Fulvia Siregar) was raised in a wealthy family who owns the finest business in town, live in a small town Ravenswood. With all the grudges from people who had been oppressed, she receives threat anonymously almost every day and leads her to an infinite depression and anxiety caused by continuous terror.

Poppy tried to solved the problem

Poppy starts to find out who send the terror and told it to her bestfriend Chloe (Ayu Melati Savitri), Chloe suggest that the person behind the terror might be Poppy’s closest people. Until one day Poppy knows who always send the terror and killed her, it was her own bestfriend Chloe and Chloe has double personality. (Jasmine/Ina)

Poppy killed by Chloe