On January 28, 2018, class 21-24A presented a theatre  entitled The Doctor In Spite of Himself. This is a series of theatrical events of The 20th LSPR Theatre Festival. They were taught by Mr. Harries Priadie Bah, with his assistant Ms. Karina Indah Septiani, S. Ikom.

Valere and Lucas forced Sganarelle to help Lucinde

“The Doctor in Spite of Himself” is a theatre that tells about Valere and Lucas who seek for Sganarelle, because he considered the doctor who can cure children of his employer (Lucinde). Lucinde is a girl who is mute and it can only be cured if she married man that she loved.

Valere and Lucas bring Sganarelle to Lucinde’s father

Sganarelle who is considered able to heal Lucinde, apparently is not a doctor expert. He was just running errands to help Leandre in order to bring fuzzy Lucinde from his home.

Leandra and Sganarelle compiled plan for Lucinde

At the end of the story, Leandra and Lucinde then went back to the House. Leandre had become a rich man for having inherited from his uncle. Finally, Lucinde’s father also approved of their marriage and Martine, mom of Sganarelle, is very proud of her husband for bringing together the lives of Leandra and Lucinde. (Anita)