On Thursday, February 1st 2018, it’s class 21-8A gets a turn to show their theater. They have succeeded in showing the theater’s “Trash” by Bzo Soetedjo in Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall. This class is led by Ms. Patricia Vicky Sihombing, M.Si and her assistant Ms. Greta Ariati Mulyosantoso, S.Ikom

They prepared for the contest show

The story begins with a conversation between students and teacher at class. But, only Eza who feels like in a jail. The teacher asks “What is a shape of our earth?”, but no one can answer the question and the teacher said that they all “stupid, stupid, stupid”. After that, the students join with Eza who feels stupid at that time and the student called Eza is a trash just like them. And then Mr. Bejat, Mr Berandal, Mr. Modus, Mr. Morsal introduce their self and underestimate Eza.

Eza dreamed about 3 girls who gave support for his dream

Suddenly, sweeper came and remove them away and there’s only Eza. The sweeper said “Knowledge does not come by itself, it must be found and stolen. Rob if it necessary. If you just play, run here and there. If you find a knowledge, we only sit in silent and became a stone. Learn and make its inspiration from the good one. We should be warned for the bad one, so we didn’t do the same thing. But you do the otherwise. What will you be in the future?”.

Eza’s mom gave support for whatever his dream

One of the students is a dreaming person. All she can do is dreaming, and that time, Eza is dreaming that he can do everything but his brain thinking that he can’t reach. It makes Eza feels like trash. So, what is the true meaning of trash?

They took selfie together

The story of this theater has many moral messages. Where we dont need to feel ashamed with whatever our ideals. Whatever job we want will be successful if we really try. Like Eza who aspires to become a writer, even though she is treated like a garbage because of her ideals but she can prove that all the verbal abuse is wrong with her success.