The theatrical show “Beauty and the Lonely Beast” was organized by class 21- 8A during the 21st LSPR Theatre Festival on 31 July 2018, at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall. The performance of beautiful Ensembles Dancers opened the even. And the beginning of the show started with the life story of a father named Mr. Merryweather (Muhammad Diky Alrizal) who lives in a luxury house in the city, but who lost all his properties, including the sailing ship “Good Hope”, and was forced to move into a small cottage.

Beast being sad

However, the father works very hard to meet the needs of his three daughters named Beauty (Nabilah Hilmy), Sue (Zalfa Zaachira), and Agnes (Tasya Sabila A.). The Beast (Aulia Tazuddin Nor) is a handsome Prince (Tommy Triputra) cursed by a wizard because of his father’s arrogance. One day, the Beauty went to the Kingdom. She taught the Beast many things until the Beast fell in love with her. But the Beauty did not accept his love until she met up with her family. In the result, Beast gave Beauty a magic ring with the hope to meet again soon.

Beauty said sorry because she can’t accept his love

However, Beauty has never come back. Based on this, the Beast decided to drink the toxin liquid made by Isadora. It was magical liquid that could return the Beast to the usual person’s appearance or to kill him. Then, the Beauty came to meet the Beast that has again become a handsome Prince. But their happiness does not last forever, the Prince died and left the Beauty alone. (Rahmavida/Andi)