On July 30, 2018, Class 21 – 4A presented a theater entitled as “John’s Mother” by Helen Boyce, at the Auditorium of Prof. Dr. Djajusman, Campus B, LSPR – Jakarta. The main plot of the theater story tells about Jenny’s fiance – John and his mother.

Dianne is choking and died

There were three female protogonists in the theater – Dianne who is the mother of John, Jenny’s fiance, and two Jenny’s best friends – Jenny and Katty.Dianne and Jenny have very different and opposite characters and mindsets. They always fight each other. Dianne is very spoiled, attention-seeking, vengeful and selfish.

Diane tried to frighten Jenny

While Jenny is an independent, smart and sometimes childish woman. She is going to marry John very soon. They already live together. But, suddenly and unexpectedly, in the middle of the story, the death of Dianne reveals a new story behind – why Dianne hated Jenny so much. (Citra/Anita)