A tragic drama was successfully held by the class 21-16A last Sunday, July 29, at Prof. Dr. Djayusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, Campus B, LSPR – Jakarta. Presenting “Henry’s Law”, the class created an amusing mix between psychology and theatre, yielded through a play and a modern bullying approach.

Sarah started to catching  Max

“The show was beyond my expectation, they succeed to bring out the best of themselves onto the stage,” said Mr. Mikhael Yulius Cobis, the lecturer of 21-16A in Performing Arts and Communication subject. The play perfectly captured the humorous social hierarchy of the dramatic westerner’s high school life. The story itself depicted the life of Max Bernstein (Muhammad Faiz), the brilliant yet socially inept, who was regularly surrounded by the social diva Sarah (Rehmuliyana Y.), and the social climber Annie (Respisianie Grace). Annie Bernstein describing Max as a smart, hypothetical, or whatever. “He was genius,” she says.

Sarah is feel sad because of Max

Set in an American high school, Max’s life changes when Sarah starting to feel something more. The beginning of their friendship ended up with the beginning of Max’s drastic tragedy. This all started when the science enthusiast Max tutored Sarah in Chemistry. They spoke different languages, but the connection sparkled between them when Sarah kissed Max’s cheek. But Max rejected her feelings.

Sarah create anonymous terror to Max

In the result, she started to spread gossips about Max’s life by claiming that he is mad and gay in all possible ways! Max was continuously called-out, shocked by unstoppable coarse updates online. Feeling devastated by the event: “This might as well be arsenic. Henrys Law, the amount of dissolved gas is proportional to its partial pressure in the gas phase.” His claim and the end of his life closed the tragicomedy. The theatre simply depicts a consequence of cyberbullying. (Nadira/Tarrasch)