Jakarta – August 15, 2019, LSPR Jakarta held the 5th edition of Awarding Night of Business Studies Project & The Gathering of Batch 5. This event was aimed at giving appreciation to LSPR Batch 22 students who had made and completed their final assignments for Business Fundamental courses and Intoduction to Performing Arts Communication (PAC). The event which was attended by 800 students from batch 22 of LSPR was held at The Kasablanka Hall, Kota Kasablanka.

Awarding Night starts at 7 pm WIB, with guests coming in all-black clothes. Also this year’s Awarding Night event took the theme of Melamorphosis (The Metamorphosis of Millennials) which has meaning about how millennials evolved into a more modern era.

LSPR Public Relation Lecturers posing in style with LSPR Lecturers emblem

Before the awarding night took place, LSPR students who were also the event committee conducted social activities such as CSR at Ancol People’s School. They give short classes like Public Speaking. Pantia also conducts community relations at our school, Bekasi. Besides aiming to appreciate students, this event is also a picking up for separation from batch 22, because in semester 3 students and students will be divided into several concentrations of different majors.

Best Content for Business Fundamental Project

Best of The Best winner of Business Fundamental Project 2019

Following is the list of winners on awarding night:
• Favorite Business Project: Shoetopia from 22-6A
• Best Presentation of Business Project: the Royals Next Generation from 22-14A
• Best Branding of Business Project: Technovolution from 22-26A
• Best Service Development of Business Projects: Love Your Self from 22-4A
• Best Content of Business Project: the Archives of Taste of Plaza Indonesia from 22-14A
• Best Concept: The Natura of Plaza Indonesia from 22-14A
• Best of the Best Business Project: Fashion Revival of 22-International

Mr. Mamby Aruan and Ms. Olivia Hutagaol announcing winners for the PAC Awarding Night


  • Most Like Poster design:
    o Eshter from 22-International (22) & Witch Be Witched from 22-6A (23)
  • Best Costume & Make Up:
    o Kadita 22-17A (22) & Soul of Sewu 22-11A (23)
  • Best production set design:
    o The Act of Living 22-14A (22) & Timun Mas 22-18A (23)
  • Best Supporting Male Actor:
    o Iqbal 22-2a single girls advice (22) & Ikhsan Fadila 22-24A Out the Musical (23)
    • Best Supporting Female Actress: (22) Marchia Dorothee 22-2A Single Girl Advice & Nadiva Ramadina 22-12A Gray (23)
  • Best Lead Male Actor:
    o (22) Michael Wijaya le train noir 22-4A & (23) Fatah bagaskara out the musical 22-24A• Best Female Lead Actress:
    o (22) Raden Ajeng Sinta 22-16A war of mind & (23) Gela Fasya soul of sewu 22-11A
  • Best Director:
    o (22) Eshter 22 International & (23) Abu-Abu 22-19A
  • 2nd Runner Up Best Production:
    o (22) war of mind 22-16A & (23) Timun Mas 22-18A
  • 1st Runner up Best Production:
    o (22) Single Girl Advise & (23) Abu-Abu 22-19A
  • Best prod: (22) Esther International & (23) Out the Musical
  • LSPR Poshtransformation Winner: Farhan Ghifari

    Winners of Best Dress from Awarding Night 2019

    Best Dress:
    – Dandikaruniaa
    – Nadine Amizah