The crowd of Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall LSPR Jakarta was enlivened by the sweet and alluring musical drama of PAC 20-1B on the 3rd February 2018. Roses and Thorns, a love story by Yobella Gabriel, succeeded to portray the contemporary love between Atlanta (Kesha Ratuliu) and Karsten (Adhi Permana) onto the stage. Enacting the narrative of Catching Feelings by Justin Bieber, the venture of the two commenced when Atlanta, a shy yet gullible girl next door, bumped into Karsten in Pete’s Coffee Shop on one jazzy evening. From then on, the cute love story began and the hall was continuously filled with melodies and dances beautifully performed by the production.

While Atlanta and Karstan were dating, Karsten has received important telephone

“Yet there exists no such thing as ‘the most beautiful thing in life.” Personifying the logic and the heart of Atlanta, Thorns (Adra Fajrin) and Roses (Feny Lisda) assisted Atlanta’s ups and downs when facing conflicts. Accompanying her into the journey of balance. The romantic tale and the ideal picture of Karsten turned out was not as Atlanta expected. After their first anniversary, life drove their relationship into the storm. Enacted with the song You by Ten2Five, audience was touched by a solo performance of Atlanta (Kesha Ratuliu).

Angela asked Karsten to get away from Atlanta

To whether go with the wheel, or to follow the storm’s will, Atlanta had to appraise wisdom for her own well-being. The appearance of Karsten’s possessive life-long best friend, Angela (Refira Triandisti), unveiled many offensive acts of Karsten himself to Atlanta. From yelling and cursing, to finally the last setback, a kissing scene between Karsten and a third person.

Roses was singing To Make You Feel My Love by Adele for Atlanta

Atlanta had to finally choose to whether let go or stay. Closed with another singing and dancing acts of Stronger by Kelly Clarkson by Roses, Thorns and Atlanta, the production ended the touching musical drama beautifully. With the presence of Mrs Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR, Roses and Thorns succeededly envliven the night for the 9th PAC Festival 2018. (Nadira/Mike)