Music Concert from the class of the PAC 19-1B managed to make the spectators in attendance applauded. The theatre was held on Saturday, 3 February 2018 at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall. The player plays the role of each with very good. The theatre called “To Love & To Be Loved” deals with the “dualism” of difference, which occurred on two couples who will soon marry. With two different angels, presents a problem that test their love.

Jack and Katy were dancing together

As they struggle to keep their marriage, they learn that in order to love someone and to feel loved it not as easy as it seems. This theater is played by four players, in which William (Billy Primanata) are paired with Sabrina (Reska Primadita) and Jack (Aldy Inzaghi) which became the future husband of Katy (Nadya Teja).

William gave a romantic letter for Sabrina

Although this drama become a sad ending to the marriage of William and Sabrina, but being a Happy ending for the couple Jack and Katy. Where after a long debate, Katy and jack eventually married and happy. While William and Sabrina had to feel the loss and sorrow due to the separation.

When William and Sabrina were arguing with each other

Not only the students who attend LSPR watch there are some of the parents of the players theatre were also present to encourage their children. (Chelsea/Fakhira)