On 16 – 20 April 2018, the ‘Awareness Week Festival 2018’ was held by Mr & Ms LSPR. The 5-days-event contained a programme of various campaigns such as the ‘Autism Awareness’, ‘Anti Bullying’, ‘ Environment Awareness’, ‘Anti HIV’ and ‘Anti Drugs’.

“Diversity Through Painting” with London School Beyond Academy students

‘Play with LSBA X Mr & Ms LSPR’ started with warming up

The campaign for ‘Autism Awareness’ invited children with special needs from a London School Beyond the Academy (LSBA) to make thematic shirts – ‘Diversity Through Painting’. These t-shirts will be used for performances in the Charity Night Concert. There was also a series of activities like ‘Play with LSBA X Mr. & Ms LSPR’ at the park of Sudirman Park area.

Wall of message for stand against bullying in the Campus B and C area

Students can write and read a lot of messages for ‘Anti Bullying’ campaign

To support a young generation, the campaign for ‘Anti Bullying’ implemented interactivity for exchanging ‘quotes’ in the Campuses B & C. This campaign also invited LSPR students to share their stories about the ‘Bullying’ with the hashtag #ShareYourStory in the social media.

Students of LSPR – Jakarta can buy and upload their plants to their social media

From an environmental perspective, the ‘Environment Awareness’ campaign sold different ornamental plants.

Every bench in smoking area has new ashtrays

A seminar from Dr. Sylviana Gozal educate students about HIV and Drugs abuse

During the ‘Anti HIV’ & ‘Anti Drugs’ campaign seminar, Dr Gozal Sylviana gave a lecture about smoking areas in LSPR-Jakarta and showed the level of the environment in those parts. The main message was to educate students and gave them a chance to understand the outcome of smoking.  (Anita,Cut,Fakhira,Yuyun,Lisa,Tiara)