On 22 April 2018, Mr & Ms LSPR closed a series of ‘Awareness Week Festival 2018’ events along with the Charity Night Concert – ‘Empathy in Solidarity’ – at Prof. Dr Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall.

Opening speech from Mr. Daniel and Ms. Janitra as Mr. and Ms. LSPR 2017

The performances of Mr Juanda and Alex F for Beatbox Solo Performance opened the show. Mr Daniel and Ms Janitra – Mr & Ms LSPR 2017 – greeted all guests, and Ms Paskah sang a ‘Man in the Mirror’ song. LSBA students did take a participation as well by performing and dancing.

Ms. LSPR 2017 and LSBA students were dancing together

Poetry about nature and environment by LSPR 4C Ambassador 2015 – 2017

The LSPR 4C Ambassador 2015 – 2017 visited the event and read featuring poetry about nature and environment. Mr & Ms LSPR donated Rp.10 million to LSPR 4C for the environment campaign development.

Kesha Ratuliu and Adhi Permana sang “Perfect” and “Inikah Cinta”

LSPR-Jakarta students such as Kesha Ratuliu, Adhi Permana, Elvan Saragih were singing and entertaining the audience as well.

Elvan Saragih with LSPR Band were singing and entertaing audience

In the end, after a performance of Marcello Tahito, he forwarded the students a message to be free from all types of the ‘drugs’.

Marcello Tahito sang one of famous song, “Masih Ada”

The great ending of the event became a flash mob. (Anita)