Bekasi – STIKOM LSPR held a new student orientation the third for Batch 23. Orientation, or commonly known as OSPEK is the initial activity to introduce the campus to new students.  This year, student orientation is held at LSPR Transpark – Juanda on August 16, 2019.

Student orientation for Batch 23 by STIKOM-LSPR

Students of Batch 23 STIKOM-LSPR, as orientation participants, came from various cities throughout Indonesia.  Student orientation is guided by the seniors such as students from Batch 22 and 21, as well as LSPR Student League cabinet and officials.  This student orientation is held three rounds each year, accommodating thousands of students as new LSPR families.

The event was filled with seminars about the introduction of STIKOM-LSPR, rules on campus, administrative matters, until explanation of the curriculum from the assigned deans.  Students are divided into groups, each of which is asked to work together to make a mini performance at the end of the event. This introduces the practical and creative nature which will be applied during their four years of study at LSPR.

Participants of student orientation are divided into groups by several categories

One senior student orientation counselor said, “The orientation was run smoothly and it is very impressive that we are getting closer to new students and vice versa, new students are also closer to their seniors”.  In addition to the campus introduction, this event was also used as a place to get to know the environment and LSPR students in depth.

That afternoon, participants showed a mini theater with the theme 10 Pillars of LSPR.  Afterwards, the event was closed with symbolic gifts, LSPR jackets and ID cards from representatives of the 23rd generation students. Good luck in your future studies! (Bella/Athaya)