On July 29, 2017, Class 20-2A presented a musical theater called “The Truth”, at the Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall of LSPR Jakarta, this theater tells a story behind a blind girl named Wihelmina and the strange figure she saw after Wihelmina received an eye donor.

The musical theater ends with Wihelmina who gouges out his own eyes after being commanded by an evil figure who finally reveals the truth of why she has been following Wihelmina.

The theater performance begins at 07:00 with the beginning of a story that shows the state of the blind Wihelmina. In the middle of the story, after Wihelmina underwent an eye transplant and with the appearance of an evil figure, the atmosphere inside the auditorium became more tense and the audience occasionally shouted in fear. Especially when the evil figure is walking toward the audience.