On February 15, 2019, Class 22-3A presented The Little Red Riding Hood story. This time it was presented by class 22-3A at the LSPR Theater Festival in the Auditorium, Campus B, LSPR-Jakarta. The story was developed by Mr. Khiva Rayanka, LSPR lecturer, and Aldy Inzaghi, the lecturer assistant.

The Big Bad Wolf

The Little Red Riding Hood is a theatre that tells the story of the journey of a little girl named Marry from the forest in France. Marry is a cheerful and kind child who is loved by everyone. And everyone called her the little riding hood because once her grandmother gave her a red hood.

Grimm Brothers

One day, the little red riding hood decided to visit the grandmother who was ill. When she was on the way, she met a hungry wolf who advised a girl to take another way. The wolf wanted to come to the grandmother’s house earlier and eat her.

Grimm Brothers tried to safe Little Red Hood from Big Wolf

When the little red riding hood arrived at her grandmother’s house, it turned out that the grandmother had been eaten by a wild wolf. When the wolf was going to eat the little red riding hood, the uncle of Marry saved grandma and Marry by opening the wolf’s stomach.

Curtain Call 22-3A

The moral message is that it is not easy to trust unknown people when you are travelling alone.
Article by : Cik Ratu
Photo by : Vinnie