On February 16, 2019, Class 22 – 25 & 26A celebrated the “22nd LSPR Theater Festival” by presenting a theatre performance, “Noah”. The theatre was created with the help of LSPR lecturer, Mr. Harris Priade Bah, and his assistant lecturers, Ms. Karina Indah Septiani and Ms. Greta Ariati Mulyosantoso, at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, LSPR Jakarta.

Noah & Allyson First Encounter

“Noah” is a romance drama which tells the love story of a couple, Allyson and Noah (performed by Monica Yosephine and Tegar Hidayatullah), who have been friends since childhood. However, they were separated since Allyson moved to London, England. Once, when Noah was waiting for her sister, Allyson, in Central Park, Noah was robbed and accidentally shot.

Noah was Found Death When He was Back to New York

The professionalism of actors and the way how they performed could not leave the audience untouched.

Article by: Devi Febryanti

Photo by: Irfan Husaini