I On February 13, 2019, Class 22-16A held a theatre entitled “WAR OF MIND”.

Ben & May First Meet

This theatre tells about a woman named May who suffers from her own life. Although sometimes May wants to change the situation, but there are still many obstacles. One day, she meets a fortune teller, Madame Volcra, who can change her attitude towards life. Madame Volcra said that she would meet a husband, would have a child and would be happy.

May and Her Daughter, Belle

During the interview with LSPR News, the Theatre Director, Angel Eka Rosari, explained that the cast succeeded in making the audience feel the atmosphere of the performance because students had a feeling about the plot of the story. Furthermore, Angel admitted that during the process of making that theatre there were many obstacles and conflicts based on cultural differences and values which had to cope with each other. The most impressive was that students started to dig deeper and learn about family organizations, they took their own and experiences. “I think we achieved the desired result!” concluded Angel.(Maria,Yohana)