Kibar Trailblazer is a digital startup program that aims to develop the potential of LSPR students who have ideas that are beneficial to the wider community as well as facilitate the daily activities of the community, and here is the opportunity for students LSPR to share and pouring creative ideas into a reality which can help the wider community. LSPR also have students who participated in this program, Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani MBA, MCIPR, APR also attended this event.

After the presentation from all the participants, the event was continued with dinner

The event was held last 6 June 2017 at LSPR Drama room. Each of the Trailblazer participants took turns to share out their creative startup ideas. At the end of each turn inspirational speech was given by Mrs. Prita, about the local as well as foreign leaders who also have startup ideas that are now manifested and beneficial to society.

In this event the participants can show their ideas about a startup they will create

The event ended with a meal as a sign of breaking the fast In addition, the participants are also surprised with the surprise birthday party  of Sir Taufan Teguh Akbari who having a birthday on that day.