On 27 – 29 July 2018, LSPR Photography held a “Transition” photo exhibition in Jakarta Creative Hub, Central Jakarta. There is already a tradition to have the exhibition every year to give the appreciation of the work of Club LSPR Photography. In addition, there was also competition and seminar about photography handled by LSPR Photography to familiarize students and a wide public with this industry.

Raja Siregar talked about Fashion Photography

Raja Siregar was invited as a speaker to discuss the “How to Make a Business Through Your Lens” with Bob Soerjodipoero as a host. Raja Siregar explained about the path from being originally an IT student until becoming a photographer in the fashion and commercial fields. His teaching and knowledge inspired the listeners and, therefore, involved them in the world of photography.

A plaque appreciation for Dr. Tompi

Performance by Kirana

Dr. Tompi, a famous singer who has been cultivating the field of photography for 10 years, discussed about the “Analog Portrait”.

Ijoeel talked about his experiences as influencer

Closing performance by Dialog Senja

At the end, the Transition Ijoeel was talking about the “Photographs To a Good Influencer”. In the result, the exhibition was closed wit the announcement of the list of winners in photography:

1. Adam Aryo Wibowo

2. Vincent Nuari

3. Pradamas Giffary

Winners of Photography Competition

Congratulations to all the winners! (Anita/Dea/Christine)