Jakarta, July 1st 2020 – The Business Faculty of LSPR Communication & Business Institute with Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance RI is holding a seminar through online media (webinar) on Wednesday, July 1st , 2020. This activity is the fourth webinar from LSPR Business Webinars that will be held by the Business Faculty until September 2020. The theme for this webinar is “The New Normal in Indonesia Economic”. Head of Macroeconomic Policy Center, Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance,  Hidayat Amir and Head of Undergraduate Programme in Management, LSPR Communication and Business Institute, Yuliana Riana Prasetyawati M.M. will be present as a speaker. The moderator of this webinar is an LSPR Alumni who is currently the Public Relations Fiscal Policy Agency, Indha Sendary Putri. This webinar is guided by Assistant Head of Tourism Study Program,  Jati Paras Ayu. This fourth series of webinars was attended by 220 participants, both from Students and Lecturers of LSPR and Lecturer Students, Practitioners from various Universities and Institutions in Indonesia through Google Meet and YouTube.

Webinar material session “New Normal”

Yuliana opened by explaining “Digital Driven Economy”. During the COVID 19 pandemic, the presence of digital technology has become a force and solution that revived the performance of industrial sectors in Indonesia. For example, digital technology that has saved SMEs that have transformed to digital use in conducting their businesses are able to significantly increase their turnover.

Head of Macroeconomic Policy Center, Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance,  Hidayat Amir

Yuliana also said that in the education sector, there has been a transformation in educational technology that has also been done by LSPR Communication & Business Institute by conducting the teaching and learning process through an online system. When all industrial sectors have been transformed using digital media, the Digital Ecosystem will be created in the new normal era.

Speakers and Webinar participants

Hidayat Amir then explained about “New Normal: Productive & Safe from COVID-19”. New normal is the change of the order of life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a domino effect on the social, economic and financial aspects. From the economic side, global economic growth has gone down, as well as Indonesia. In 2020, Indonesia’s economy will only grow to about 1%. He conveyed, the Government has to protect all of the people in Indonesia, but the urgent ones must be sorted. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government gave priority for handling the health section, protecting the poor by maintaining basic needs and protecting SMEs and the business community. Indha, closed the discussion by conveying that the synergy of the Government and the people would accelerate economic recovery due to the COVID-19 pandemic.