Jakarta – LSPR International Relations and Partnerships Office held their 4th Webinar Series with International University Partners with Woosong University on 11 May 2020. The 4th webinar featured Dr. Michalis Toanoglou, Department Chair of Hospitality Management Program from Woosong University, South Korea who shared his expertise on “Tourism & Hospitality Sectors during a Pandemic”. The session was moderated by Dr. Janette Maria Pinariya, M.M, Vice-Rector I at LSPR Communication & Business Institute. The LSPR Webinar Series with International University Partners aims to provide a range of high quality topics from experienced communication professionals during the COVID-19 Pandemic which allows for international learning during the “Stay at Home” period.

Dr. Michalis Toanoglou began the session by elaborating on the current situation of the Corona Virus on a global scale, providing data and statistics based on his research. After the overview of the current situation, Dr. Michalis went into detail about its effect on the Tourism & Hospitality sectors discussing the international tourism decline and the millions of jobs currently at risk. This led the session to analyze how the Tourism & Hospitality sectors respond to crises like COVID-19 where discussions about “Key Directions & Policies” come into effect.

The session came to an end by sharing about the “New Normal” that comes after the virus and how previous frameworks had come to an end and must be re-invented in order to be more prepared for future pandemics such as COVID-19. After the presentation, participants were offered the chance to ask questions relevant to the topic discussed. A total of 89 participants joined the webinar.