Jakarta – On Friday, June 26 2020 LSPR CEC held a webinar with the theme “Alumni Mentorship Program”. This webinar is divided into 3 sessions, morning sessions for Marketing Communication majors, afternoon for Public Relations and Afternoon courses for Hospitality & Communication Management majors. The first webinar session was attended by 20 LSPR students who were the top 10 in the Marketing Communication batch 21 and 22. This time we invited one of the LSPR alumni: Demas Ryan, he served as head of Lazada University Manager at Merchant Learning & Development at Lazada Indonesia, Alibaba Group. Besides working, Ms. Demas is also an entrepreneur. Beginning his career after graduating from college he became a travel blogger, a very exciting experience where he could travel around the world for free but instead was paid. Not only working as a travel blogger, but Demas also continued her S2 education at LSPR as well. The business that he built never stopped, and for 6 months he became unemployed. Demas got up again and tried to find a job again and finally he was hired as a Marketing & Sales Associate Gym, this was the first job after he graduated from S2. Successfully jumped into the largest E-Commerce career in Southeast Asia, rose to office in 8 months to become Lazada Indonesia’s Manager. With the passage of time, for 3 years Ms. Demas ran the Entertainment business in Greater Jakarta & Bali. Continue launching the 2nd and 3rd businesses, Loco Lab and Fruit Mama. At the end of the program, Ms. Demas gave information about her dream, “I want to take a free walk.” And “I want to share the joy of traveling to the world.” Hopefully, the experience given by Ms. Demas to students can be useful and become a picture for the future after graduation.

Webinar Participants

The Speaker for session 2 is Dewi Yuani, she worked as Mayapada Healthcare’s Head of Corporate Communication. “Education does not guarantee that you will become a great person,” said Ms. Dewi at the opening ceremony. Before you choose something you have to upgrade your skills, you can add more than 1 language knowledge, not only Indonesian and English. Suggestions from Ms. Dewi for Public Relations students “you should taste the agency and have fairly extensive networking”. Sister Dewi has a lot of experience, even being cursed at by her boss, working at the PR Agency must have a strong mentality and cannot give up easily and give up easily. When we work at a PR Agency we must have our own goals, so we know what we will want to do in the future. Must have leadership and. The difference between In House and Agency is that if In House the environment is just that and that, but if our Agency can meet with many people out there and the work is very different, in house we can focus on 1 job but if the agency will have more work.

For the Alumni Mentorship Program webinar this last session was attended by students who majored in Hospitality, because of this we invited one of the LSPR alumni working in the Hospitality sector, Pricilia. She really likes the field of Hospitality and  tells a lot about her career. Starting from the Internship in the Hospitality company until finally she was appointed as an employee in one of the Hotels in the Jakarta area. Currently, Pricilia works at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia as Marketing & Public Relations Manager. She also provides information about what tasks are done if working in a hotel. The work included Offline Media, WA / Email Marketing, Social Media, Partnership, Loyalty, Making a Press Release, Event or MICE, and finally Digital Marketing. This woman who is familiarly called Cilla gives tips to students so companies are interested in recruiting us to become employees, which must be good at using social media, because in this day and age technology is getting more sophisticated and everyone has social media. Second, it must be able to take good photos because later it is very used to photograph an event or product. Besides giving tips, Ms. Cilla gave a message that when we work in the field of Hospitality we must have a good attitude because it is very important. And second, we must work wholeheartedly so that the results are optimal. The experience told by Ms. Cilla was very interesting and useful for students who majored in Hospitality.