Jakarta – The world of cinema has become one of the most affected industries in the world by the Covid-19 Virus. PKM or Community Services Webinar Series 6 webinar which held on Friday, 19 June 2020, discusses how films are presented up to government policies towards the film industry during the Pandemic period. Hosted by Dr. Andre Ikhsano and Dr. Joe Harrianto and moderated by Mr. Mikhael Y. Cobi.

Hosted by Dr. Andre Ikhsano

Hosted by Dr. Joe Harrianto

The participants were actively engaged. They seem very interested in this kind of topic because it happened to them on their daily basis. The struggle to watch movies in cinema, since it’s prohibited now. In this session, the topic is about Movie and Literature during the pandemic: Inspiration and Creation. So many movies are postponing their release due to this pandemic.

Moderated by Mr. Mikhael Y. Cobi.

That is why the Film Industry could feel the huge impact because of the pandemic. But it also comes as an opportunity for the Film Industry especially the kind of platform who provides movies on demand. Meanwhile, from the literature’s point of view, there comes so many inspirations and new insights on how we live the world, how we see the world today, it could be an interesting inspiration for such a literature. The good thing is, any inspirations could come from any circumstances.