Jakarta – Department of Performing Arts Communication proudly presents ‘The first-ever Virtual Awarding Ceremony The 25th LSPR Theatre Festival’. This event was held on 7th August 2020, 4.30 PM at LSPR-Jakarta’s YouTube channel. Hosted by Virgi Aulia from PAC 22-1TP, this event was successfully entertaining and exciting because at the end the students could meet each other even on virtual. There were more than 800 students who watched this event on YouTube.

Moreover, there were TOP 15 videos selected from more than 400 videos submitted to the lecturers and posted on LSPR-Jakarta’s Instagram from 4th – 7th August 2020, aimed to engage students interested to vote for their favourite videos. Furthermore, there were 3 winners from 15 videos chosen by DR. J.A. Wempi as Dean Faculty of Communication and Mr. Alppy Valdez, MMC as Dean Faculty of Business, based on 4 criteria; theme, artistic, major and minor performing arts communication, and also duration. Here are the winners of ‘The 25th LSPR Theatre Festival’:


Sandrina Mayaza Azzahra

Title: Stop Body Shaming!

Class: 23-10SP

Lecturer: Ms. Greta Ariati Mulyosantoso, S.I.Kom



Angelica Anindhita

Title: I Don’t Deserve You

Class: 23-7SP

Lecturer: Mr. Mikhael Yulius Cobis, M.Si, M.M



Flori January

Title: Blessed Child

Class: 23-18SP

Lecturer: Dr. Yessy Gusman, S.H, MBA



Jessica Alfaris


Class: 23-14SP

Lecturer: Ms. Patricia Vicky Sihombing, M.Si

Likes: 1161 likes on IGTV, views more than 9000