Jakarta – The harmonisation of LSPR’s hymn was heard in the package of LSPR 28th Anniversary Melody of Management, with meaningful lyrics in the world of education. We always try to get better at LSPR, one of the hymn lyrics sung by LSPR staff and management to welcome the 28th anniversary of LSPR.

Precisely on the 1st of  July, LSPR turned 28 years, since its establishment as a vocational education institution for public relations in 1992. In its development, in 2002 LSPR has always received recognition from the National Accreditation Board with a value of Grade  A. For the undergraduate program LSPR has received recognition from international accreditation institutions namely the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examination Board (LCCI) and the City and Guilds UK for the Master’s Program, LSPR collaborates with Edith Cowan University Australia and the City and Guilds UK.

LSPR then transformed to LSPR Communication & Business Institute based on the Decree of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education with, No. 1035 / KPT / I / 2019. LSPR now organises 7 (seven) Study Programs, namely Communication Studies Master’s Program, Communication Studies Bachelor Program, Communication Study Bachelor Program Distant Learning that is held in Bali, Visual Communication Design Bachelor Program, Bachelor Management Program, Tourism Bachelor Program, and Business Services Bachelor Program.

The simple celebration was held in three campuses at once, namely the LSPR Jakarta campus, the LSPR Bekasi, and the LSPR Bali. This occasion was broadcasted live on Instagram and Youtube LSPR Jakarta. The Rector of LSPR, Dr. Andre Ikhsano, in his remarks stated that during this pandemic, all LSPR academics must support each other both academic and non-academic activity. “We must continue to synergise and cooperate, working in one frequency to achieve better goals in the future. Maintain the sense of efficiency, and the sense of creativity, so that LSPR is able to always be a spring for internal LSPR and the wider community, “he said.

Meanwhile from the LSPR Transpark Bekasi campus, LSPR Vice Rector IV, Dr. Lestari Nurhayati alluded to the existence of the LSPR e-commerce concept, as an answer to the challenges of the entrepreneurial world. This is realised not only for the benefit of LSPR employees, but also for the benefit of the nation. The final half of the 28-year LSPR celebration from LSPR Bali, General Manager, Mr. Yackie, hoped that LSPR always brings blessings and benefits for the education development in Indonesia. LSPR always tries to provide the best in the world of education, including in this pandemic, by giving birth to the LSPR Omni concept. We always try to be better at LSPR, seems to be one of the powerful sentences that remain nested in the hearts of LSPR people.