Jakarta – LSPR Undergraduate e-Learning Programme in collaboration with LSPR Bali conducted an ONLINE OPEN DAY last Saturday, 20 June 2020 at 10 pm onward. The purpose of this event was to introduce E-Learning and Blended Learning Programmes in Communication. Ari Widodo, Ph.D with Mr. Yackie from Bali delivered their presentation from the academic side while Mr. Okky Alparessi and Ms. Anak Agung Istri Putri laid out the administrative procedure and amplified the tuition fee breakdown for our prospective students. The participants were actively asking questions and sent their queries through the chat platform during this event. Many of them were very curious about E-Learning as well as the Blended Programme in Bali, they were excited to know more about how their study will be upon joining the programme. In the future, on July 4 we will hold another event about Blended Learning in Management from the Faculty of Business. This event will explore the academic, registration procedure and the tuition fee of Blended Learning Programme in Management.