Jakarta – “The Art Of Fashion and Photography” was the name of the webinar from the collaboration of LSPR Modelling and LSPR Photography. The webinar was held on Friday 26th June 2020 via Zoom with 70 participants. Hosted by Glenn Alvin who is also the president of LSPR Modelling with 2 speakers. A JFW Icon 2019, Adam Rosydi  and Professional Photographer, Ronald Andhika.

Webinar Participants

Adam talked about how he started his career from the age of 16 and became successful in the modeling industry.he also shared the experience being the figure of Jakarta Fashion Week 2019. Ronald talked about what is his favorite gear and setting that must be provided when it comes to fashion photography. He said photographers don’t just ensure that the correct photo has been taken. They also check the clothing, hair, and make-up of models and build a good vibe on the set in order to create a good photo. It is important to do a collaboration with designers, make-up artists, and models that will give a valuable opportunity into the future career.the wider experience,the better.