Jakarta – The Series 7 webinar that was held on Friday, 3 July 2020, LSPR CACS invited Mr. Mahadi Asman, he is a Creative Director of J&M Publishing. J&M Publishing is a company in the creative industry, consisting of various creative people who have the same passion to create, maintain and spread good values ​​for a brand. In addition to his profession as a Creative Director, he also as a lecturer at LSPR Jakarta. To 110 participants who have joined this webinar, he brought material on the topic of building a sustainable creative agency from year to year. He also shared stories about the beginning of starting a business in the creative industry, so that the participants actively asked questions and made the webinars more exciting. One of the questions is: “What is the biggest challenge as a Creative Agency in this pandemic?”, “What if a creative agency experiences a deadlock in finding ideas?”