Saturday, 11 November 2017, LXPR held their second LXPR Development Programme called the #XDP002. This program was held at Dr. Djajusman Auditorium & Performance Hall and Smoking Area at Campus B LSPR from 10:00 am till 04:00 pm. The workshop opened by a live graffiti painting by Pratama Eka Dharma or Pedmons at Campus B Smoking Area.

Pedmons’s signature character (R.E.D) on progress

The next session opened by Tonny Sutiono as one of LXPR coordinators, inroducing LXPR and XDP to all the participants and welcoming the speaker for XDP 002 workshop. The sharing session began with the story about Pedmons and his signature character, R.E.D. Pedmons shares his stories and experience as a graffiti artist, the progress that makes his graffiti take him travel the world.

Pedmons gave presentation about creative content


After a short break, Pedmons shares his experience as a designer, creative team in a PR Consultant, videographer, animator, illustrator, and artist. He shares about how to make a great content from all his project before. He has a big concern at digital media content, he shares some steps about how to make an impactful and worth to watch content on digital platform.

Pedmons and his R.E.D

The workshop and sharing session ended with some question from the participants and a plaque of appreciation was given to Pratama Eka Dharma as the closing of the event. (Elizabeth/ Irfan)