On 25 April 2018, KapanLagi Youniverse held the “XYZ Day” event at Senayan City, Jakarta. Kapanlagi is the leading online media in Indonesia and the merger among others such as PT. Creative Media Karya and PT. Anytime Network. The event “XYZ Day” with the topic of “How to Win XYZ Generations Through Digital Content” was targeted to widen and involve people from generations X, Y, and Z.

Ody Mulya, Pidi Baiq, and Lala Timothy shared their experiences as film producer and bookwriter

The “XYZ Day” session was divided into two parts. The first, “XYZ Day 2018 Conference” part hosted by Ucita Pohan involved the best creators and inspirators such as Najwa Shihab who brought the “Netizen, Network, Najwa” topic, Ria Ricis and her “Something about Ricis” (guided by Deddy Corbuzier), and David Suwarto, Ernest Prakasa, Lenggogini Faruk developed the “The Hitmakers in Multiple Platform” topic.

“Humor is a Funny Business” session with Raditya Dika

In addition, the participants were also invited to know more about the generation Z from guests like Clarice Cutie, Saaih Halilintar and Hanggini. The “Unboxing the Box Office” session was held by Ody Mulya (Dilan Film Producer), Pidi Baiq (Bookwriter Film Dilan) and Lala Timothy (Film Producer Wiro Sableng).

Aulion as Best Content Creator in Art Category

The last session of the conference was closed by Raditya Dika’s speech. Having started from being a blogger, now, she is a successful comedy writer, director of a box office movie, the first youtuber in Indonesia by having 1 million subscribers. In the “Humor is a Funny Business” session, Raditya Dika discussed how he succeeded in all those dimensions.

Kunto Aji sang “Konon Katanya”

The last “Creator Award” part became the closing ceremony of “XYZ Day 2018” series. The event was a tribute to the best creators and digital content during the year of 2017 that was hosted by Duo “Skinny Indonesian 24” and entertained by Kunto Aji, Barasuara and Dipha Barus.

Bara Suara sang “Bahas Bahasa”

There is a list of winners in 8 categories:

  1. Best Content Creator in Lifestyle Category: Arief Muhammad.
  2. Best Content Creator in Fashion & Beauty Category: Tasya Farasya.
  3. Best Content Creator in Comedy Category: Tim2One.
  4. Best Content Creator in Art Category: Aulion.
  5. Best Content Music Category Category: Sheryl S ft Rizky F & Chandra Liow – Sweet Talk.
  6. Best Content Gaming Category: Reza Oktovian.
  7. Best Content Branded Content Video of The Year Category: Afternoon – Wife of The Future ep #9.
  8. Best Content Creator of The Year Category: Chandra Liow.

Dipha Barus closed this event